Why Choose Us?

Alders Farm Fishery is one of the top Day ticket fisheries in the country and it is easy to see why! But don't let us be the judge of that! 

The fishery and Store is nestled in a picturesque Brickhill valley on the outskirts of Milton Keynes and with excellent access from the M1 & A5 alike, make it an easy slog for most of its regulars and anglers happy to travel.

In its 30 years of being a successful day ticket fishery it is now is in the capable hands of the Jones/Monk family and with Trevor Price providing his Fishery management expertise the fishery has gone from strength to strength. 

Over recent years the team have added an indoor and outdoor state of the art rifle range, A gun store and a new Tackle store on site to serve all of its members far and wide. 

Alders Farm Fishery boasts 3 main lakes and 3 other pools all accessible! Which offer fantastic fishing all year round. 

The main lake Oak (Specimen) offers Members the chance of hooking one of its larger residents "Shoulders" and several of its other rather larger residence, there is plenty to fish for. 

Pines lake is the furthest walk but offers specimen sized Perch near 4lb now and lots of different species inc Barbel, Carp and other smaller silver fish. 

Ash is our match lake, which can be booked exclusively all year round. It has 31 pegs and houses our cafe by the lake providing hot and cold snacks all year round. 

The smaller ponds offer excellent  fishing for pleasure anglers, starter anglers and those wishing to wet to line.  

Here are some links that should be helpful in finding us: www.aldersfarm.com



Alders Farm Fishery, Alders Farm, Ivy Lane, Great Brickhill, MK17 9AH